Content channels to reignite the singing senses

Content channels to reignite the singing senses

As we begin to ease out of lockdown, singers will be excited about the prospect of meeting with others, our teachers, colleagues and friends to sing in person. Singing, and the communities of singing-related professions, have been deeply affected by pandemic but many wonderful and entertaining singers, musicians and teachers have used their time and skills to great effect during The Great Pause. There has been a vast proliferation of enjoyable and informative singing-related content which has helped us here at YOURACCOMPANIST towers to us stay connected to our work.

Here are a few of our favourite lockdown discoveries:

This is a Voice

An upbeat and informative podcast with voice experts and bestselling authors Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher. They have been chatting about voice for more than 20 years and this time they’ve switched the microphone on. They chat about voice, singing, speaking, performance techniques, voice exercises and more.

Website | Spotify

The Modern Singer

The Modern Singer is a lifestyle magazine written for singers by singers. Offering a mix of singer profiles, interviews and reviews. You can also put yourself forward for an Artist Feature video where you can show off your skills, develop your reputation and brand.

We aim to inspire and help singers by showcasing artists of all levels, providing webinars with established professionals, and giving advice on all aspects of the singer’s life. Our mission is to aid you in creating the best brand for yourself, and have fun doing it!

Website | YouTube Channel

The Naked Vocalist

Helping singers find the right path to their vocal paradise by offering our experience as vocal coaches, the expertise of inspiring industry-leading mentors and teachers, and our passion for the truth. You can find this for free, through our blog and podcast series.

Website | YouTube

The Full Voice

A sweet and informative podcast – great for singing teachers who work with children.

FULL VOICE MUSIC creates fun and educational resources for young singers. We help awesome voice teachers working with young singers enjoy fun and productive vocal lessons.


Talking Voice

A Classical Voice Training Podcast.

 The home of holistic voice pedagogy. Conversations with Janice Chapman, Andrew Follin and James Platt with guest appearances from our multidisciplinary voice team.

Website | Podbean

The Charismatic Voice

A YouTube channel by classical singer Elizabeth Zharoff offering valuable, clear, and concise information, about singing and music production, and reaction videos covering a vast range of singing styles, Q&As and interviews with leading lights of the modern vocal scene.

Science and traditional vocal technique combine, to give you tools for confidence, so that you can move audiences and touch hearts.