Singers in London reviews YourAccompanist
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Singers in London reviews YourAccompanist

“I recently discovered – a very helpful source of instantly accessible piano accompaniment MP3s. The website contains over 3000 standard repertoire accompaniment tracks as well as rare gems from oratorio, opera, operetta, lieder, art song and many other genres. New tracks are added all the time – most of them requested by singers looking for specific songs, alternative tempi or keys. YourAccompanist also offer the accompaniments for voice methods by Vaccai, Sieber and Concone. It’s an excellent resource for beginners and professionals alike. The recordings come pre-licenced for use in lessons, auditions and informal performance situations (including busking) and once you’ve downloaded a track it’s yours to use forever. With most tracks at just 99p, it’s a really affordable way to grow and develop your repertoire. Whilst MP3s can’t ever replace a live accompanist, these tracks are a more than acceptable substitute and a great time-saver in the initial stages of song learning. Each recording is performed by pianist Michael Baron. The YourAccompanist team are a knowledgeable and approachable bunch who love their work supporting singers and enabling music educators. Enjoy a look round: You can get alerts on additions to the catalogue in realtime on their Facebook page: and on Twitter @youraccompanist

Alex Hilton
Founder, Singers in London