Links for Singers

Links for Singers

Over the years we’ve been working on YOURACCOMPANIST, we’ve collected a lot of interesting, friendly and useful links and connections with singers, organisations and resources. Here, now fully refreshed, is our all-new links for singers page:

Singers’ online resources

African-American Art Song Aliance
An organisation founded to promote and Uplift the contributions made by African-Americans to art song, be they composers, performers or scholars.

Aria Database
A diverse collection of information on over 1000 operatic arias, includes translations and aria texts.
ChoralNet is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to be a central portal to online resources and communications for the global choral music community.

Music for Church Choirs
If you conduct a Church Choir, sing in one, employ, support or simply enjoy listening to one, you’ll find plenty to interest you at

British Choirs on the Web
The UK’s largest Choral Community.

Musician’s way
The companion site to The Musician’s Way: A Guide to Practice, Performance, and Wellness
by Gerald Klickstein, published by Oxford University Press – singers resource page

The Lied, Art Song, and Choral Texts Archive
This website houses an extensive, growing archive of texts to 139,718 settings of Lieder and other art songs (Kunstlieder, mélodies, canzoni, романсы, canciones, liederen, canções, sånger, laulua, písně, piosenki, etc.) and other vocal pieces such as choral works, madrigals, and part-songs, in 125 languages, with 27,606 translations to Catalan, English, French, Greek, Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and many other languages. 22,107 of these translations come from our 961 wonderful and devoted volunteers.

Thea van der Putten, Singing Teacher (Amsterdam, NL)
Not sure what to sing? Looking for inspiration? Thea Van der Putten’s website lists the standard repertoire for Opera, Oratorio and Lieder, with links to the Aria Database for lyrics and translations.

Sheet music sources

Art Song Central
An archive and directory of free, printable sheet music for singers and voice teachers. An emphasis is placed on standard classical and traditional repertoire.

One of the world’s largest free sheet music sites.

International Music Score Library Project
Virtual library containing public domain musical scores, as well as scores from composers who are willing to share their music with the world without charge.

Online singing teachers

Stefan Holmstrom, Estill Master (Brighton, UK)
Expert vocal training, workshops and mentoring to help singers and speakers learn to use their voices safely and more effectively.

Christopher Fotis (NYC, USA)
Online masterclasses on a range of topics including anatomy, chiaroscuro, song analysis, articulation and much more.

Singing events

Sing London – Annual, Summer
An enormous celebration of singing in the capital, Sing London is a festival to get the whole of London singing. All kinds of people, singing all kinds of music in all kinds of places.

Sing for your heart – Annual, Winter
A charity fundraising event celebrating the health benefits of regular singing. Choirs support Heart Research UK by collecting donations at festive concerts, singing carols in train stations, and sponsored singing events and karaoke nights in schools and offices.

Play me, I’m yours
30 pianos will be delivered to the streets of London as part of Sing London and the City of London Festival 2009. Located on streets, in public squares and parks, train stations, and street markets, the pianos are there for any member of the public to play.


The Business of Singing
Cindy Sadler offers custom-tailored seminars and private consultations to help groups or individuals to navigate the classical music industry, maximize their potential, and realize their dreams.

Classical music festivals

Lucerne Festival
An summer festival offering a wide range of approximatley 100 different concerts in a diverse array of formats from chamber music to symphony concerts and everything in between. Featuring the Lucerne Festival Orchestra and a number of guest symphony orchestras.

Salzburg Festival
World renouned festival of Opera, Drama and Music.

Founded in 1976 in the small town of Hohenems in western Austria, the Schubertiade was originally conceived as a festival to give Schubert his rightful place amoung the great composers. Today there are 70 events and over 30,000 visitors per year.

Llangollen International Eisteddfod
A world-renowned festival of music, song and dance.

Singing breaks and vacations

Zezerearts Festival, Portugal
Under the directoship of Brian Mackay, this annual music-making event takes place in and around stunning world-heritage venues and brings together a diverse community of musicians of all ages. Choral, ensemble and solo singers are all warmly invited.

Berkshire Choral Festival
Based in Massechusets and locations across the USA, and Europe, the Berkshire Choral Festival was founded in 1982 to provide choral singers with the opportunity to rehearse and perform masterpieces of the choral repertoire under the direction of world-class conductors and with the help of a professional musical staff. An experience to cherish for ever.

Music education projects

Children’s Music Workshop
Children’s Music Workshop is a music education company which specializes in a variety of products and services including custom designed band and orchestra method books, school site music instruction, instrument sales and rentals, music education advocacy and more.

Music-related charities

Help Musicians
An independant UK charity for professional musicians of all genres from starting out to retirement.

Young Classical Artists Trust
A UK charity supporting young classical musicians as they transition from education into professional life.

Apollo Music Projects
Brings live classical music to children who might not otherwise experience it.

Howdenshire Music Project
a charitable voluntary community organisation which was set up in 2019 to make live classical music more accessible for everyone who lives in Howden and the surrounding region of East Yorkshire (UK).


The UK’s leading singing teachers association. We are proud to support their work via our longstanding corporate membership.

British Voice Association
Dedicated to the encouragement of a healthy voice, vocal skills and communication in such areas as the performing arts, business and industry, medicine and education. The BVA recognises the human voice as an essential element of our communication and well-being. It is devoted to people with voice problems, ranging from severe pathology and cancer to subtle difficulties of artistic performance, all of whom are entitled to the best care available.

Schools Music Association (SMA)
The Schools Music Association is recognised as a national voice for music in education in the UK. They provide an essential network for music teachers which serves as a vital link between those working with young people and the policy makers at local, regional and national level.

National Association of Choirs (NAC)
Provides support and services for its 500 UK member choirs, enabling them to function efficiently in our demanding society and to conform to current legislation.

Making Music
Making Music is an organisation with the mission to enhance the profile, value and influence of singing in the UK. It’s an informal association whose function is to serve its member choral organisations and to act as forum for national and international vocal education and practice.

Art Song Preservation Society of New York
Dedicated to preserving and revitalizing the art song while simultaneously promoting the art song recital. Monthly workshop discussions, educational lectures, a master class series, concert and recital performances, competitions, mentorship and community outreach programs for singers, accompanists and the broader public.

National Association of Teachers of Singing
Established in 1944 NATS is the largest professional association of singing teachers in the world with over 7000 members in the US, Canada and over 35 other countires.

Singing and health

Singing for the Brain (Alzheimers Society)
‘Singing for the Brain’ is a therapeutic and social activity for people with neurological conditions and their carers. The project has been started and managed by the Alzheimer’s Society West Berkshire Branch and is aimed at people with memory problems and their carers.

Music-related media outlets
A great starting point for finding classical music related sites and services.

Rheingold Publishing
One of the UKs leading for music and the performing arts. They produce specialised magazines a number of directories and guides covering a wide range of topics.

Classical Singer Magazine
Articles on classical singing as well as industry announcements, audition information and more.

Weekly collection of news, features and reviews in classical music

Opera Wire
A collection of news, interviews, business information all centering around opera.

Opera online

Opera Vision
A series of filmed opera performances made available to stream online.

The Metropolitan Opera Online
The Met is offering live streams of some of their shows. See the website for details.


An Art Song a Day
It is my mission to present the best art songs possible every day for the purpose of both study and enjoyment; I will provide a brief description and link(s) to performance of the song, and wherever possible, a downloadable score and related information.

A substantive, cutting edge national perspective on current events, news, reviews, interviews, fashion and editorial contributions regarding opera and classical music.

Je chante pour moi-même
A twenty-one-year-old aspiring opera singer, taking a year off from the academic life before (hopefully) going to grad school and pursuing a career in singing. Her thoughts and observations about her voice and vocation.

Once more with feeling
A voice teacher in New York City, with 25 years experience in the studio, a singer and actor and director.

From the voice of …
Elizabeth McDonald is a singer, voice teacher (Queens University, Ontario), and mother. Her blog reflects her diverse roles and experience with a focus on pedagogy.

This young opera singer, Nicholas Phan, writes eloquently about his life and thoughts on music.

Yankee Diva
A rising opera star, Joyce DiDonato, shares words and photos.

An English Woman Abroad
An English opera singer trying occasionally to make sense of her new life in Germany.

YouTube channels

Sing the Score
I Fagiolini is a British solo-voice ensemble specialising in Renaissance and contemporary music, directed by Robert Hollingworth. Their #singthescore project offers deep dives into the gems of choral repertoire. Vast and fascinating.

Eric Whitacre’s YouTube Virtual Choir
The Virtual Choir began in May 2009 as a simple experiment in social media and has since exploded into a global phenomenon, creating a user-generated choir that brings together singers from around the world in their love of music making through the use of technology, whether singing alone in their living rooms, their dorm rooms, their garages or anywhere they can connect to the internet; these videos are synchronised and combined into one single performance to create the Virtual Choir.

Orchestra of the Age of Enlightement
The OAE is a ‘period instrument’ Orchestra. What does this mean? Well, over the years instruments and techniques have changed. They try to be authentic, by using instruments and playing styles similar to those the composer would have been familiar with. Their YouTube channel gives our musicians and guest artists a chance to share with viewers what inspires and motivates them – from the idiosyncrasies of their instruments to the unique approach to the music they perform.

Avi Green
A young opera student sharing her love of opera and looking to get the viewers more involved. Includes informational videos about certain operas as well as a glimpse of life as an opera singer.

Bach Akademie Charlotte
The official YouTube channel of the Bach Akademie in Charlotte North Carolina. Features beautiful live performance videos performed by group artists.

The Listeners Guide
The Listener’s Guide is a YouTube series which discusses classical music. It includes some explanations, reviews, recommendations, and important cultural information to help viewers understand more about this esteemed art form.


Aria Code
Pulls back the curtain on some of opera’s most famous arias in opera history,with insight from some of the biggest voices of our time. In partnership with the Metrapolitan Opera, each episode dives into one aria and explores how and why these brief musical moments have imprinted themselves on our collective conciousness.

Backstage Conversations With
Introduces the listeners to a different personality from the classical music word every two weeks. Curiousurious about General Managers, Agents, PRs and Journalists? Then, discover everything you need to know about their venues, their ways of working, their tips – everything you’ve always wanted to know but never dared ask about.

The Freelance Musician
Led by host Hannah Mitchell-Harrison, also known as South Wales Pianist, this podcast aims to inspire, encourage and support you on your freelance journey as a musician. It combines solo shows covering topics that relate to business, mindset, marketing and much more, alongside interviews with freelance musicians where we chat about their own journeys and the lessons they’ve learnt along the way.

What Would Mozart Do?
More than ever before, musicians have to think outside the box as reinvention is inevitable in a new era for the performing arts. By asking “What Would Mozart Do?” each episode features musicians who discuss how they have transferred the skills that music had taught them into other fields of work.

Singers and choirs

Alias Music
Live music entertainment for your wedding reception. Ireland.

Baihe Ladies Singers
The Baihe Ladies Singers is an all-ladies choral group in Singapore.

Mary O’Shea
Based in Devon, Mary O’Shea is available for private events, corporate events, choirs and concerts.