Free tools for singers from YourAccompanist
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Free tools for singers from YourAccompanist

We hope you’ll find something in these free downloads that will help your singing practice.

There are no hard and fast rules about how you should use our harmonised scale accompaniments. You can experiment and find your own way or ask a voice coach or teacher to suggest how they might work best for you.

Since Michael’s unique harmonised scales went on to the site in April 2007, we’re delighted to say that they’ve been accessed by hundreds of thousands of singers and musicians worldwide and many have got in touch to tell us how much they’ve helped their practice. You can download them too.

If you find any of our free resources for singers helpful, we’d love to hear from you.
(Please see how our terms and conditions apply to our exclusive YourAccompanist  free-to-download resources)

Harmonised Major Scales

Scales in major keys to help you practise.

Harmonised Minor Scales

Scales in minor harmonic and melodic keys to help you practise.

More Harmonised Scales

Harmonised pentatonic, chromatic and whole tone scales for you to try. (Some Broken Chords and Arpeggios too)

Other tools

Interval studies

Some tracks to help you develop your ear and breath control.


Heard of Aeolian, Mixolydian, Phrygian or other ‘modes’? Find out what they sound like.

Reference scales

Examples of Major, Minor, Chromatic, Whole Tone, and Pentatonic scales.

Kids’ warm ups

Warm ups for kids, classrooms and choir rehearsals.

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