Accompanying singers: Corinna Herden sings Das verlassene Mägdlein by Wolf


We love it when singers record themselves working with our accompaniments.

This week, German-American Soprano Corinna Herden has made a wonderful recording of Hugo Wolf’s Das verlassene Mägdlein using our accompaniment track.

She wrote: “Dear Michael, I just recorded a Hugo Wolf song to your accompaniment. I love how you played it and it was wonderful making music together with you although 1000s miles apart! :) Thank you for your wonderful service to other artists. You and your coworkers here make the world a more beautiful place.”

That sentiment certainly goes both ways! We hope you enjoy listening to her interpretation as much as we have!

Find out more about Corinna at

Text: Das Verlassene Mägdlein by Eduard Mörike

In 1888, Hugo Wolf wrote to a friend in Vienna, “On Saturday I composed, without intending to do so, Das verlassene Mägdlein, already set to music by Schumann in a heavenly way. […] It happened almost against my will; but perhaps just because I allowed myself to be captured suddenly by the magic of this poem, something outstanding arose, and I believe that my composition may show itself beside Schumann’s.”

Früh, wann die Hähne krähn,
Eh die Sternlein schwinden,
Muß ich am Herde stehn,
Muß Feuer zünden.
Early as the cockrel crows
Before the stars retire,
I must stand by the hearth,
to tend the fire.
Schön ist der Flamme Schein,
Es springen die Funken.
Ich schaue so darein,
in Leid versunken.
The flames are beautiful,
The sparks leap,
I gaze at them,
Swamped by sorrow.
Plötzlich, da kommt es mir,
Treuloser Knabe,
Daß ich die Nacht von dir
Geträumet habe.
Suddenly it comes to me,
Unfaithful boy,
This night
I dreamt of you
Träne auf Träne dann
Stürzet hernieder;
So kommt der Tag heran —
O ging er wieder!
Tear on tear then
Fall one upon the other;
Just as the day comes —
Oh, I wish it would go away!