Core ‘Ngrato (Catari, Catari) by Cadillo – performed by Thomas Black

Core ‘Ngrato (Catari, Catari) by Cadillo – performed by Thomas Black

We love to see instrumentalists using our tracks in adaptations of the vocal repertoire. Here is an example which landed on my desk this afternoon and made us really, really happy!

Thank you to Thomas Black, for this delicious rendition of the Neopolitan song Core ‘Ngrato (Catari, Catari) by Salvatore Cadillo.

We’ve featured in quite a few of his videos down through the years, so if you agree that we make a good team, grab yourself a comforting hot drink and head over to his YouTube channel for some very laid back listening.

About Core ‘Ngrato

Famously performed by Carouso, this Neopolitan Song is suitable for Tenor voice.

In the song, Catarì’s lover reproaches the girl for thoughtlessly and heartlessly rejecting his abiding love for her; he implores her not to forget that he has given her his heart and that his soul is in torment; and he says he has confessed his feelings to a priest, who advised him to let her go. The song’s title comes from the heartfelt passage, Core, core ‘ngrato, te haie pigliato ‘a vita mia! Tutt’ è passato, e nun nce pienze cchiù!, which approximates in English to “Ungrateful heart, you have stolen my life! It’s all over and you don’t think about it anymore!”. [Wikipedia]

Here is a rather captivating performance we found on YouTube.


Catari, Catari,
Pecch me dici sti parole amare,
Pecch me parle e ‘o core
Me turmiento Catari?
Num te scurd ca t’aggio date ‘o core, Catari
Nun te scurd!
Catari, Catari, che vene a dicere
Stu parl, che me d spaseme?
Tu nun ‘nce pienze a stu dulore mio
Tu num ‘nce pienze tu nun te ne cura
Core, core ‘ngrato
T’aie pigliato ‘a vita mia.
Tutt’ passato
E nun’nce pienze cchi!
Catari, Catari,
Tu nun ‘o saie ca’nfin’int’ a na chiesa
Io so’ trasuto e aggio priato a Dio, Catari.
E l’aggio ditto pure a ‘o cunfessore:
I’ sto a fuffr
Pe’ chella ll!
Sto a suffr,
Sto a suffr, nun se po’ credere,
Sto a suffr tutte li strazie!
E ‘o cunfessore ch’ persona santa,
M’ha ditto: Figlio mio, lassala sta’, lassala sta’.
Core, core ‘ngrato
T’ aie pigliato ‘a vita mia.
Tutt’ passato
E nun’nce pienze cchi!

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