Your choice for affordable piano accompaniments

Your choice for affordable piano accompaniments

Can’t see what you’ve been looking for in the YourAccompanist catalogue? Just let us know.

Here are our levels of service for new repertoire:

Level 1: Add your request to our ‘to do’ list

Let us know what you’re looking for, we’ll make a note of the request and get to it as soon as we can. If you don’t mind waiting until it appears in the catalogue, you can download your track at our standard rate when it’s ready. The turnaround time depends on our other commissioned work and recording schedule. It may it take several weeks or even months to appear, but we will contact you by email when the track is available on the site.

Level 2: Expedite your request

If the track you need can be added to our catalogue, we make a charge for delivering it to you in mp3 format within 10 – 15 days. We welcome your recommendations when doing the recording and may ask for your guidance e.g. using known performances as exemplars (You Tube is useful for this) but it will not be a highly personalised version.

The cost for expediting your request varies with the duration and complexity of the piece but usually we can provide a prioritised recording for around £30 ($37 / €35 / $50 AUD*).

To see what we’ve recently added to the catalogue, visit our latest additions.

Level 3: Commission a custom recording

For recordings that cannot be added to the site for general sale either for rights reasons or because you need an unusual or highly personalised version in terms of edition, cuts, key or interpretation. For instance, if you would like an opera aria transposed for example, we would classify that as a custom project.

No two songs ever present the same challenge to an accompanist – one may be short but extremely complex; another may be long in duration but relatively straightforward; some songs with uncomplicated vocal lines have extremely challenging piano accompaniments.

We quote for each of these ‘one-off recordings’ according to the song’s complexity and duration. We factor in your own particular requirements or directions and the degree of urgency for delivery.

Commissioned recording projects for songs 3-5 minutes long start around £60 ($75 / €105 / $100 AUD*).

This level of service calls for much collaboration in order to get as close to your ideal as possible. We’ll ask for very precise directions (tempi, dynamics, rubato, reference recordings) from you before we begin the job.

We’ve had a great many happy collaborations, producing highly tailored accompaniments for a wide variety of singers in all sorts of genres.

Please note:

  • We can consider urgent work but additional charges may be applied if we need to significantly reorganise our schedule to fit it in.
  • For professional productions, tracks can be supplied in CD quality WAV form at an additional cost to be agreed during the commissioning process.
  • Redistribution licences and performance licence can be added at favourable rates when purchasing custom recordings. Please let us know your requirements.

For more information about any aspect of our service, please contact us:

*We calculate exchange rates on the date of assessing the request, so these equivalent amounts may vary. This information is correct as of 08/1/2017.